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    Flexible, proactive, available and always
    oriented towards the client.

    Stanivuk & Manasijevski

    The Law Office "Stanivuk&Manasijevski" was created as an expression of its founders, that the market of the legal services in the region gets an office, which with an attractive quality policy, will move and change the standards of the legal services. With a significant difference compared to other offices. The mission of this office is not to be the dominant economy of scale, but rather the economy of quality. In the center and focus of our interest is solely the client, his interests and his success. Such an approach would in addition to legal, equally respect the commercial, reputational, market and intra-organizational interests of the client. The standards and principles of our work mean that we entirely dedicated follow the clients in their daily operations in each individual transaction. In this respect, there are no exceptions. Dedicated, confidential and highly devoted to each of our clients.

    The best guarantee of achieving our mission, makes our team. It is composed of young, promising and qualified attorneys and law associates, who have acquired their experience by working at the highest transactions and in the best law offices. Exactly on the basis of this significant experience, applying the same high standards and principles in the provision of services, our office works. The basic imperative is that our work demonstrates a sophisticated connection of the theoretical knowledge, the improved skills, as well as the juridical proactive approach in each concrete case. The quality is a basic principle of our daily work. The quality that does not tolerate any compromises.

    Flexible, proactive, accessible and always oriented towards the client. That's us - "Stanivuk & Manasijevski". Welcome ...

    Areas of practice

    Economy / M&A and Status Changes of the Companies

    Our office is specialized in the field of the commercial law. In this sense, we provide a wide range of services to our clients, both domestic and foreign companies, by monitoring and facilitating their daily operations. Our goal is in fact, through the high-quality, accurate and timely service, to improve our clients' business, to become an essential part of their business, to influence on maximizing their profits, and in this way generally to contribute to the better results of such business.

    The legal services in the fields of economy, relate to legal advising and support in all aspects of business, since the establishment of the company, drafting the general acts, the shareholders agreements, the articles of associations and all other internal corporate documents. Additionally, our services often include the advising in relation to: the corporate governance, regarding the holding of sessions of the Managing Authorities, restructuring, status changes, the takeover of the capital, property and business, regarding the possibilities of financing and repatriation of the capital, regarding detailed legal analysis (due diligence reports) until the process of liquidation of the companies.

    Thanks to the exceptionally good knowledge of all relevant legislation, practices and business customs, that create the normative framework which refers to the business, as well as the great experience that our office has in all areas of the commercial law, we are able to offer to each client the highest level of expertise, while providing the legal services.

    Thoroughly, systematically, timely and precisely service provided is a goal that we strive for every day. It was confirmed that it helps to our customers' businesses. On that we are committed and that quality does not tolerate any compromises.

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    Real Estate

    Very good knowledge of the local and regional regulations, as well as the current practices, relating to all aspects of the legal issues, related to real estate, represents the basis of our work in this area. Our services are relating to the general advising in relation to the legal status and the legal possibilities, regarding to the specific immovable property, through the detailed legal analysis of real estate (real estate due diligence), which we always combine with the urbanistic analysis (which in cooperation with our office, the team regularly consists of the experienced urban planners and university professors). In addition, we follow our clients in the process of the project financing, obtaining of the appropriate licenses, in the process of the construction (through the drafting of the construction contract and other related contracts), all the way to the later sale or renting of such real estate (drafting of sale contracts, lease contracts, contract of sale-and-lease-back contracts, property management contracts etc.).

    The providing the legal services in the real estate field, is always in the connection with the tax implications, therefore in respect to this, we regularly advise on the tax aspects of the each transaction. In this area is particularly evident the comprehensiveness of our analysis and our approach, because we are trained, on a high level and at one place, to advise the clients on all important aspects of the transaction (legal, constructional, urbanistic, tax, and any other relevant aspect).

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    Bankruptcy Law and Restructuring

    The longstanding work of the office in the area of the commercial law, as well as the general trends and the specifics of the domestic market, it was the reason that we have developed a special and very rich practice, in the field of bankruptcy law. In this sense, we provide a various forms of representation and advising , to both creditors and the bankruptcy debtor. The bankruptcy by itself, represents an emergency debtor-creditor relationship, in which there is never enough funds for the payment of all the claims. Hence the focus of our work in this area, is always on the best protection of the interests of our clients and the maximizing the billing, in connection with that bankruptcy proceedings (whether we represent the creditors or the bankruptcy debtor itself). In respect to this active participation in the bankruptcy proceedings, and particularly in the litigations, which were launched in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, we have faced the most diverse and the most complex aspects of this very complex area of law. Consequently, dealing with the sophisticated and delicate legal issues and legal institutes of bankruptcy, our office has developed a respectable practice and is able to provide to the clients an adequate legal protection.

    Besides the above mentioned, our office regularly participates as a legal advisor, in the proceedings after in advance prepared plan of reorganization (UPPR). In cooperation with some specific financial advisors, whenever possible or when the circumstances of the particular case permit, we prefer to attempt the rehabilitation of business entities, either through UPPRs, or through the reorganization plans, which have been submitted after the of submitting of the proposal for the bankruptcy proceedings. Through the successfully implemented plans of reorganization, we have in two ways a positive effect: the creditors (who have accepted the plan) are settled in a certain percentage, and the business entity, which was facing the bankruptcy, carries on business, continues with the regular operations. This is the so-called. "win-win" situation, where everyone wins and the economy continues to operate. Such an approach is positive and proactive. Such an approach we foster also in this area and in our business generally.

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    Intellectual Property

    A  good knowledge of the domestic and the foreign legal regulations, in the field of the intellectual property rights, the experience in the procedure before the Intellectual Property Institute, as well as before the other domestic and foreign regulatory bodies, which are responsible for this area of law, as well as a sufficient practice in the procedure before the courts, in disputes which involves the matters of the intellectual property rights, allow us to offer to our clients a complete and comprehensive service, relating to the acquisition, registration, transfer, using, management and protection of the intellectual property rights.

    The services, that our office provides in this area, are general legal advising, registration of trademarks, patents and industrial designs, making of the copyright contracts, the contracts on the transfer of the license, the franchise agreements, the licensing of the intellectual property rights, the representation and protection of the legal interests before the Intellectual Property Institute, the courts and arbitrations, the effective protection against the counterfeit and piracy, as well as in the other cases of copyright violations.

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    Media Law

    Every day and comprehensive dealing with the field of the media law, resulted that our office has built a respectable practice which, among other things, stands out and makes us a very specific law office. Our activities in this area are diverse and relate to the representation of broadcasters of the electronic media, the print media publishers, but also the production companies (including the large foreign production companies) and the companies that in some other way are dealing with the media (e.g. selling of the media space in electronic and print media, etc.).

    A proactive approach, a good knowledge of the law and practice, relating to the implementation of this area of law, are enabling us to provide to the clients the complete range of services, from the legal counselling, through the establishment of the printed and electronic media, to obtain the licenses for carrying out of the activities in the media field, the licensing of the content which is broadcasting, buying and selling of the broadcasting rights of specific media formats or contents, as well as the representation before the Regulatory Body for the Electronic Media, the Republic Agency for Electronic Communications, before the organizations for the collective copyright and before the other competent authorities and regulatory bodies.

    As this is a very dynamic legal matters, which often changes and complying with the international regulations, and that our work in this area, very often includes the elements of internationality, therefor our office in its work, regularly consults also the foreign rules and regulations, and in that interact has developed a specific and rich practice, which makes it ready and qualified to participate and work on a various projects in this area.

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    The tax aspect of each individual transaction, represents an essential segment of the serious and comprehensive legal analysis. In this sense, our services, as a rule mandatory include the tax expertise, or a review of the relevant tax implications of each legal transaction. Furthermore, the tax implications very often are defining the structure of the concrete transactions, so our services include also the development of most optimal domestic and cross-border tax structures.

    In our work, we foster a proactive approach to the clients who are in need of tax services. Whether it is the analysis of the tax regulations, the regular tax consulting, the management of tax proceedings, or the representation in the tax disputes, we always try to consider all aspects of the potential tax liabilities, and to offer to the client the most optimal option, with full respect for his commercial interests.

    Based on many years of experience, we have developed a wide and rich practice in providing of the services of the tax consulting, especially in the following fields: the corporate income tax, the personal income tax (including the taxation of non-residents), the property tax, VAT, the indirect taxes in general, the reduction of tax risks, the taxation of status changes, the taxation of the M&A transactions, share and asset deals, as well as in the field of avoidance of double taxation.

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    Settlement of Disputes

    In order to provide a full legal security and legal support to all our clients, our team of lawyers is providing the professional representation in all types of corporate disputes, whether it is a civil or enforcement procedure, whether it is the administrative proceedings or the administrative dispute. In representing of the clients before the domestic courts, before the private executors, or before an international arbitration, our team members apply the specific practical skills, which always include a thorough analysis of the dispute, the preparation of the comprehensive submissions, which combine the theoretical knowledge, the positive legislation and the applicable court practice, as well as the proactive representation at the hearings.

    This multidisciplinary approach, the systematic analysis of all relevant legal issues, and good knowledge of the practical juridical skills, which are necessary for the successful establishment, operation and termination of proceedings, implies the engagement of different knowledge and cross-cooperation of the lawyers, who are specialized in a different areas of law.

    We try to solve every disputable relationship as quickly and efficiently, with the full protection of the interests of our clients. However, our aim is to avoid, as far as possible, the judicial and other institutional processes. We are always trying, through a process of negotiation and agreement with the other party, to reach an out-of-court settlements, or the solution of the dispute. This saves all relevant client's resources: the time, the money and the engagement of human capacities.

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    Labour Law

    Our law office is dealing with daily providing of the services in the field of labour relations. This includes the legal support and assistance in the overall process: from the establishment of the employment relationship (drafting of the employment contracts, or other contracts of engagement of individuals), through the consultation on the details of the duration of the employment, up to the consultation process in the termination of the employment relationship (cancellation by the employer or the employee, gaining of the rights for pension etc.).

    As this is a quite a sensitive area of law, which also necessarily includes the other components (social, economic etc.), our office has developed a sophisticated approach, that takes into account all the relevant aspects, but which ultimately remain on the line of the protection of the interests of our clients.

    Such an approach makes it possible to that we can manage to respond to the various queries and requests in this area. Finally, if and when, the relations between the employer and the employee, cannot be resolved by peaceful means, and when the judicial process is inevitable, our office and its sector for the resolving of disputes, regularly represent the clients also in the labour disputes, with the equal success in representing of our clients, whether it comes to employers or employees.

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    Banking and Finance

    Our lawyers have gained their experience by working on major projects in Serbia and in the region. In this sense, we have advised our clients in the various business financing companies (through a taking of the credits and the loans, including the syndicated loans), in the business debt restructuring, the project financing, the transactions with the financial derivatives, the jobs of the across border financial transactions, the insurance business and in other similar jobs.

    We provide the legal protection and legal support to the investors, from the different spheres of industry, to the investment funds, banks, leasing companies, broker-dealer companies and to the companies that have a need for the expertise in the field of banking and finance.

    Our services include also the segment of negotiating with the banks and the other financial institutions, drafting all types of contracts, the monitoring, the implementation and completion of the projects, which are related to the public-private partnerships, the advising and legal assistance in the matters of collection of the receivables including also the refinancing, the restructuring and the consensual agreements between the creditors. Finally, we represent the clients before all relevant authorities, organizations and regulatory bodies in this field.

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    Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

    By representing the leading manufacturers pharmaceutical products, the wholesalers and the companies that deal with trade in drugs and medical devices, our office has developed a special practice and in this area. In the context of the need for the comprehensive and thorough representation in the area of the commercial law, as well as by the growing importance of these areas in the national economy, we strive to cover the regulatory framework, including the representation of the clients before the appropriate regulatory bodies, as well as the comprehensive legal advising and assistance in this area (providing the legal opinions on the specific topics, drafting the specific types of contracts, the issues in the field of the competition etc.).

    Frequently, the companies in this business, have developed the sectors relating to the corporate social responsibility, and part of its activities and available resources are directed to charitable, humanitarian and similar purposes. We are proud that our office also in this segment, pro bono, regularly provides the legal support through the entire assistance in the process of the establishing of the organizations that perform this activity (foundations, endowments etc.), but also through the further work of these organizations (participation in the work of managing authorities and engaging in the individual programs and projects, which are implemented by these organizations).

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    Our team


    Bojan Stanivuk


    Email adresa: bojan.stanivuk@stanivuk-manasijevski.com

    Bojan Stanivuk is a partner and founder of the law office "Stanivuk&Manasijevski". During the ten years of experience, he was providing the services in various fields of business law, including the area of the M&A and the status changes of the companies, the dispute settlements, the bankruptcy law and the restructuring, the media law, the pharmacy and health. Bojan is particularly specialized in the field of tax law and tax consulting. He has advised the domestic and the foreign clients in the above mentioned areas, in large, domestic and cross-border transactions.

    Bojan is a teaching assistant at the Law School of Union University in Belgrade. He has published a several scientific and expert papers in national and international journals, as well as the comment of the Company (co-author). He is currently on the doctoral studies in the field of the commercial law.

    He is a member of the Bar Association of Belgrade. Before the establishment of this office, he worked for several years at the renowned law office "Karanović&Nikolić". He speaks English language.

    Bojan Manasijevski


    Email: bojan.manasijevski@stanivuk-manasijevski.com

    Bojan Manasijevski is a partner and founder of the law office "Stanivuk&Manasijevski". During his career, he represented and advised a numerous domestic and international clients, in various areas of law, primarily in the areas of real estate, corporate law, including the area of the M&A and the status changes of the companies, resolving of the commercial disputes, as well as the bankruptcy law and the restructuring. Bojan has advised many investors in various transactions in Serbia.

    Before the establishment of the office "Stanivuk&Manasijevski", Bojan has worked for a several years in the law office, "Karanović&Nikolić", one of the leading law offices in the region.

    He is a member of the Bar Association of Belgrade. He speaks English language.


    Anja Stanivuk


    Email: anja.stanivuk@stanivuk-manasijevski.com

    Anja Stanivuk is attorney at law and associate at the law office "Stanivuk&Manasijevski". Anja has gained her experience in the diverse areas of business law, as well as in the field of dispute settlement, enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy and reorganization. Together with the lawyers from the law office "Stanivuk&Manasijevski", she has advised many domestic and foreign clients, in various business transactions, in the field of resolving the commercial disputes, as well as the regular company operations.

    Anja has completed master studies in European law, with a master's thesis on "Public-Private Partnerships". During her regular studies, she had internship at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, in the Committee on Labour, Social and Veterans' Affairs, through the program of the organization National Democratic Institute. She has participated in a several international conferences, in the areas of human rights, constitutional law and the rights of local self-government.

    Anja is a member of the Bar Association of Kragujevac. She speaks English language.

    Milena Stanković


    Email: milena.stankovic@stanivuk-manasijevski.com

    Milena Stanković is attorney at law in the law office „Stanivuk&Manasijevski“. Milena deals with different areas of law, especially with the company law, litigation and other types of civil proceedings and bankruptcy law. Milena actively represents and provides advice to domestic and foreign clients in disputes in the field of commercial law and in regular company business.

    Before joining this law office, Milena worked in the law office "Petrović & Glogonjac" a.o.d. Belgrade. In addition, Milena spent a certain period of time in practice in the company "Naftna industrija Srbije" a.d. Novi Sad, in the sector of judicial affairs.

    She graduated from the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade, where she also completed master studies in company law with a master's thesis in bankruptcy law "Subjective conditions for refuting the legal actions of a bankruptcy debtor." During her studies, Milena received the Dositeja scholarship of the Fund for Young Talents of the Republic of Serbia for two years in a row.

    She is engaged in volunteer work, and in the past years she was the coordinator of the team for relations with companies in the humanitarian foundation "Osmeh na dar".

    She speaks English and she also knows German language.


    Marko Mihajlov


    Email: marko.mihajlov@stanivuk-manasijevski.com

    Marko Mihajlov is a legal trainee in the law firm „Stanivuk&Manasijevski“. During his clerkship, Marko deals with different areas of law, especially with the company law, property law and administrative law. Also, with the other lawyers from the firm, he participates in the representing of the domestic and foreign companies and natural persons in judicial and executive procedures.

    Before joining this law firm, Marko worked as judge trainee in the basic and commercial court of Pancevo.

    She graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, where she is currently on the master studies, in the department for Business law, specializing for Intellectual property.

    He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, where he is currently on the master studies, in the department for Commercial law.

    During his undergraduate studies he has attended a few specialized courses in area of commercial, bankruptcy and international private law. Twice he was a participant in the international student exchange programs organized by USA government, during which he lived and worked in America.

    Marko speaks english language.

    Smiljana Vojinović


    Email: smiljana.vojinovic@stanivuk-manasijevski.com

    Smiljana Vojinović is a legal trainee in the law firm „Stanivuk&Manasijevski“. Smiljana deals with company law, contractual relationships, intellectual property law and representing clients before all state authorities. Also, with the other lawyers from the firm, she participates in the representing and advising of the domestic and foreign clients in disputes in the field of commercial law and in regular company business.

    Before joining this law firm, Smiljana spent nine months in an internship at The National Bank of Serbia in the Department for FX Matters and Foreign Credit Relations, as well as six months in a law firm dealing with corporate and commercial law.

    She graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, where she completed the Jean Monnet Module co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme, and she is currently on the master studies, in the department for Company law. She speaks English and she also knows Spanish.


    Emilija Stanković


    Email: emilija.stankovic@stanivuk-manasijevski.com

    Emilija Stanković is a legal trainee in the law firm "Stanivuk & Manasijevski". During her clerkship, Emilia deals with different areas of law, primarily labor law, corporate (commercial) law, contractual relations and personal data protection. With lawyers from the office, she actively represents and provides advices to domestic and foreign clients in disputes in the field of labor law.

    Emilija graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. During her undergraduate studies, she practiced at the First Basic Court in Belgrade.

    During her undergraduate studies, Emilija attended numerous seminars in the field of sports law, media law and commercial law.

    She is engaged in volunteer work and was a member of the team for relations with companies in the humanitarian foundation "Osmeh na dar".

    She speaks English language and also knows Russian language.

    Dajana Mihajlović


    Email: dajana.mihajlovic@stanivuk-manasijevski.com

    Dajana Mihailović is an administrative manager of the office. In addition to her duties related to the managing of the organizational and technical capacities of the law office "Stanivuk&Manasijevki", Dajana is also working on the affairs related to the internal finances and cooperation with external accountants' office.

    Dajana is a graduate culturologist. She has gained her experience in the same or similar jobs, in various companies and other law offices in Serbia. Dajana speaks English and uses French.


    Miro Dragić


    Email: miro.dragic@stanivuk-manasijevski.com

    Miro Dragić performs a various ancillary activities in providing of the legal services (paralegal). Also, he is responsible for the support and assistance of the administrative manager, in managing of the organizational and technical capacities of the law office "Stanivuk&Manasijevki".

    Miro has gained his experience by working in other companies and doing its own specific business activities. He uses English language.